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  • Projectorium - Puteri Toha

    Puteri Toha

    Excellent service..seller pun bagus...pasang dalam kelas yang terang pun masih boleh nampak..memudahkan kerja...berbaloi beli...recommended seller!!

  • Projectorium - Ariffid


    Pembelian berbaloi.. Kecerahan yang baik walaupun di dalam kelas tiada langsir.. Sesuai untuk kegunaan di sekolah..

  • Projectorium - Jlow


    Good quality, sharp and sound from the device also very good, value for money. Most importantly seller is really helpful and patiently supported us in our questions before and after buying.

  • Projectorium - Susur Yani

    Susur Yani

    Terbaik projektor ni, terang sangat walaupun keadaan cerah. Saya suka. Tq seller.

  • Projectorium - Shaii Ong

    Shaii Ong

    This seller is very good. He was very helpful and informative. Told me the features of the different projectors and helped me find one that was suitable for me. Highly recommend this seller. Packaging was very good. Got fragile sticker. Delivery was also very fast!

  • Projectorium - Faizal Baki

    Faizal Baki

    Very fast delivery beyond expectations, the packaging is also very good and quality, the price is the cheapest compared to others, the goods are also very good quality and best, I am very satisfied with the service provided, I will buy more at this store on the future, thank you very much.

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The differences between lower lumens & higher lumens comparison, as higher lumens can creates a more vivid & brighter picture quality. Lower lumens will be less bright & more "dull" colours form.

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What is electronic keystone corrections? It is a function that is internally built in to adjust the keystones inside the projector instead of using the MANUAL Keystone Correction ring. Electronic keystone corrections can give you a better adjustment on angles.

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